Get Started
Now that you wish to get started on Infomart, you need just few steps to achieve your purpose. Check the list below to make a choice of what you will like to do.

1. Buy a product

a. Click Marketplace on Infomart, browse through or search a product you wish to buy.

b. Click the FasteCash Buy button or payment link on the sale page of the product to proceed to       FasteCash order form.

c. Fill the require details on FasteCash order form to complete the transaction.

d. Click the Complete Transaction button and you will be taken to the Thank You Page of the             product where you can download the product or see the instruction to access your product.

2. Sell or publish a product
a. Open a free account with (if you don’t have one yet)

b. Design a “Sales Page” to promote and sell your product

c. Design a “Thank You Page” to deliver your product and thank customers

d. Login to Infomart My Account with your FasteCash username and password and create                 payment link for your product.

e. Include the payment link code at the point you want people to click to you’re your product

f. Test the payment links from your Sales page to FasteCash order form

g. Upgrade your FasteCash account to at least Premium account.

h. Request for product approval

3. Promote a product

a. Sign up for FasteCash account if you don't have one.

b. Search the Infomart Marketplace for products to promote

c. Create a promote link for the product you want to promote and incorporate it into your marketing campaign

In case you can’t find information on what you need please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service